02/09 Exodus 9-11

Exodus 9-11

Ex. 9:13-26 - "I have raised you up for this very purpose." Does this mean that Pharaoh was created for destruction? Did God take his free will away to prove a point? It seems to be contrary to what I believe His heart to be. Could it be that GOd, knowing and seeing Pharaoh's heart, took the opportunity to demonstrate His power. Really, at an point here Pharaoh could have stopped the suffereing. God did not take that choice away, though, asHe says here, he could have. no, God gives Pharaoh ample opportunity to 'repent', just like he does us.

In this passage, God has compassion and even warns them of what is to happen.

Ex. 9:27-35 - "This time I sinned." This time?!?! Note: It was still hailing and Moses was going to go outside to leave the city! What a statement of faith and of God's protection of His own.

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