02/19 Exodus 19, 20, 23:20-33, 24

Exodus 19, Exodus 20, Exodus 23:20-33, Exodus 24

Ex. 19:3-9 - I never saw this as a proposal from God. He could have picked any nation, bu chose them to be His 'Holy Nation'. INterestingly, the could have refused! I wonder how history would be different if they had.

Ex. 19:15 - No secks. Don't remember many other times this command was given.
Ex. 19:12-25 - Why this 'break out against' them? Was it just a test of loyalty and obedience?

Ex. 20:1-17 - The contract.
Punishmen for 3-4 generations, love for 1,000 generations!

Ex. 19-20, Ex. 23:20-33 - All of this fanfare & fury to drive home the point of how hol and revered God ought to be. IN the end of this section God commits them to drive everyone out of Canaan lest they be snared away. They will forget this.

Ex. 24:3-4 - After hearing the contract and seeing the fire and smoke and even in fear, they agreed.

Ex. 24:5-8 - Blood of teh covenent. The contract was sealed with blood - a bulls blood.

Ex. 24:12-14 - Joshua got to go! Moses knew he would be gone a while. Why else would he give instructions to Aaron and Hur to settle disputes?

Ex. 24:15-18 - 90 days and nights to hang with God!

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