02/25 Exodus 25-28

Exodus 25-28

Ex. 25:1 - First recorded commanded offering

Ex. 25:10-16 - Notice the rings and poles. Later, a man will die for reaching out to steady the ark in transit. In that passage (1 Chronicles 13
), however, the poles are absent and the ark is being carried on a cart.

This is tedious reading. So many cubits by o many cubits and on and on and on in detail. For all this detail, I bet if you gave these instructions to two teams, you'd get two very different sets of items.

Ex. 28:1-43 - Ephod and stones.
It's all about Isreal/Jacob and God's promise to him. Truly, his blessing extended generations. What a promise a I contemplate what my kids will become after I'm gone.

What point is God making with all this? That he is to be honored and revered above all else. That he is of supreme importance. That their relationship with him is not like their relationships with each other, but must be treated with the utmost respect. Holiness. Set apart. Special. Awesome.

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