Country Keepers

Well, with this entry I have to do two things I haven't figured out yet, trackback and adding a link to my links menu. Wish me luck. :-)

A Friend of mine, Gary Petersen, was kind enough to give me a mention on his weblog, Country Keepers. Gary is one of the reasons I have this blog. He and I met briefly while my company was working on a project for his company about a year ago. We were both present at the kick off meeting and sat next to each other at dinner that night. During the course of the conversation he mentioned his blog and I managed to remember the address so I could check it out. It was the first blog I had visisted, and I came back occasionally over the following months, eventually found other blogs I liked too and eventually started what you see here. I was pulled off the project almost right after that meeting and, although I was put back on it later, I don't think Gary and I have met again since.

So if you don't like what you see here, blame Gary, he started it. :-) Thanks for the mention, Gary.

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