Everyone Needs One of These

Sure, we all need an $850,000 (base price) motorhome, right? Oh, did I mention that it swims too? Yep, that's right, an amphibious motorhome. How cool is that?

The Terra Wind is made by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International LLC, who also make amphibious tour busses and other interesting things. "It is exceptionally unique," says John Giljam, President. Uh, yeah, 80 MPH if by land and 7 knots if by sea is pretty unique. It also features slide out rooms, a rear deck to dock your jet ski to and inflatable outrigger pontoons. Nothing special needed to go swimming, just drive in the water and flip a switch. The outriggers aren't even needed if you're not opening the slide outs.

The picture is from Serious Wheels (where else?), but I originally saw it at Car and Driver.

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