Four Things ...

Pinakidion tagged me, so I've gotta fill out this list and then tag four more. Here we go:

Four Jobs I've Had

  • Pizza Delivery (High School and College)

  • Paper Boy (High School & as a second job between about 6-8 years ago)

  • Hotel Doorman and Valet (college)

  • Injection Mold Designer

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
Hmm, I'm not big on movies, particularly on watching them repeatedly, but here goes ...

Four Books I Could Read Over and Over
Ditto my comments on movies. I just don't read that much. Somehow, as a Christian blogger, I feel guilty about that. Oh well.

NYC, 83rd and LexingtonFour Places I've Lived

  • Maumee, OH

  • Cincinnati, OH (mostly near UC)

  • Riverview, MI (our building is just above the pool in that link)

  • NYC, NY (If you check out that link, it will take you to a new map & search service from Amazon called In a few big cities, they've got street level photos to accompany the map. So, in the image at right, you can see my NYC apartment. It's just past the 'Park' sign on the right side of the street, beyond the Subaru Outback Wagon.)

Four TV Shows I Watch

Four Places I've Been On Vacation
These aren't necessarily my four favorites, but as I thought about it I realized I've kinda been to the four corners of the USA.

  • Lomita, CA (Near LA, my Uncle lives there)

  • Seattle, WA (With Mom and Dad as a kid)

  • Tampa, FL (Visiting my Great Aunt and Uncle and my Great Grandmother)

  • Hartford, CT (My last vacation with Mom and Dad in High School)

Four Websites I Visit daily
Well, the list is at the left, I visit at least the first set daily. If I could only visit four, it would be these:

Now I've offended the rest of them, sorry. :-(

Four Favorite Foods

  • Pizza

  • Meijer brand chocolate chip cookies. Just like Chips Ahoy, only cheaper.

  • Red Robin's Banzai Burger, medium

  • Oreos

Four Places I'd Like to Be Right Now

  • Driving the T'bird on a warm summer evening on a gently winding country road. Top down, natch'. Nothing is more relaxing than that.

  • Pelee Island in Lake Erie, sitting on the beach doin' nothin'.

  • On a private weekend getaway with my wife.

  • Dinner with good friends, talking about important stuff - Kids, family, church, relationships.

Four Bloggers I'm Tagging

  • Clarke

  • Alan (welcome to the silly, time wasting side of blogging :-) )

  • Virusdoc (if he can pry himself away from the new baby)

  • Gary


Yeah I miss Meijer Choc Chip cookies! Fun list.


Back To the Future
Raiders of the Lost Ark
(there must be another one...)


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