Dan on Discipling

Dan Edelen writes on discipling, pointing out that it's in God's time, not ours, that He makes things beautiful:

I don't know how many times I've seen a "discipler"—typically loaded down with one agenda after another—run roughshod over a "disciplee." I've lost track of how many people have walked away from the faith or turned irrevocably bitter because a discipler didn't take the time to ask, "What is God doing in this person's life?" Asking that question rather than stating, "And now, this is what I will be doing in this person's life," would have made a world of difference. ...

Anymore, I feel that my role in discipling consists of one thing: to be available for other people. Just to be there. When they struggle with an area of life, rather than me telling them, "Oh, you shouldn't be struggling," or "You should be doing this, this, this and this," instead I'll be asking , "How can I be there for you to help you become more like Jesus?"

Because when it all comes down to it, God makes disciples. And He makes them by His means, in His time, under His conditions. What He asks of me is that I be available for His use as a tool in other people's lives. "Here am I, send me" is not just a call to the mission field, but the call of one person to walk alongside another.

Amen. I've learned this lesson too, and seen it work. I've got nothing much to offer people but my ear, and I'm amazed, when I give that alone, what good it can do in their lives. Amazed.

I need to remember that. I get bogged down in not knowing enough, understanding perfectly and having all the right answers. I don't need any of that, I just need to be there, listening.

And no, Dan is not from the ICOC. I wouldn't be surprised if he never heard of us. Just goes to show, we were not alone in our folly.

Also, check out his amazing list of 100 truths he's learned in 30 years as a disciple. I'm approaching the 2 decade mark so I ought to be able to a list of 60 or so such proverbs. Not even close.

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Thanks, Doug, for the kind words and the links to my posts.


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  • Thanks, Doug, for the kind words and the links to my posts. Blessings....