Adventures in Upgrading: The Story Thus Far

This is my first post since the upgrade. If you're reading this, then the upgrade went well, or at least so far. I had expected more trouble than I got.

Thus far, I've upgraded MT and loaded the Right Fields to Custom Fields plugin. The upgrade went smoothly and Chad's plugin was easy and effective. My RF data came in flawlessly into CF. I expected that to break every entry with an image and It did, but only briefly. Thankfully, when I set up RF, I had the foresight to set up the template code for placing the images in it's own template module. That made it easy to replace the RF tags with CF tags. In fact, I was able to do that before rebuilding my blog. Easy.

Next, I upgraded Notifier, the plugin that powers the email notifications that some of you get. This plugin is by Chad Everett as well, and the upgrade was also straightforward. However, the way the notification signup works has changed, so the form at left will not work for now. But, for reasons I'll explain in a minute, I can't update that left column yet.

Lastly, I updated the plugin that builds my blogroll at left, MT Blogroll. MT Blogroll was replaced by Linkroller but there was supposed to be a means of importing the data from MT Blogroll into Linkroller. I say supposed to be because I followed the instructions and got an error that blocked the upgrade process. Only be removing my old MT Blogroll data was I able to get the Linkroller upgrade to run. Now I'm not sure if I can recover my MT Blogroll data or not. I've posted a question about it on the Movalog support forums, but frankly the folks there have more questions than answers because of the sparse documentation for Linkroller and Arvind hasn't logged in there in months. I'm not hopeful. If necessary, I'll start over, the blogroll was hopelessly out of date anyway.

In the mean time, most of my left column is built from MT Blogroll tags. Thankfully it's a server side include file built by a template that doesn't automatically rebuild. That means I can leave it alone for now and it'll display just as it has for months. That's why I can't yet fix the subscription template though.

That's where I am. Tomorrow's unplugged Sunday around here, so no more work until Monday. I haven't tried to upgrade Photogallery yet, but that's a bit lower on the priority list. There are a whole bunch of new things to try in MT4.21 as well, once I've gotten these glitches worked out.


Sounds like you're getting there, at least. :)

Thanks for checking in, Chad. Your help was crucial, thanks again.

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