Adventures In Upgrading: No Spell Check!?!

This is just plain wrong. Something about the way the interface for MT 4.21 works means that the spell check button on my Google Toolbar doesn't work on the entry editing screen anymore.

If you've been around here long at all you'll know that this is not good, not good at all.

Get raedy for some mesed up spellign. :-P


Heh- 'better get ready for spam, too! :)

I'm going to assume that's a coincidence (the spam comment that's since been deleted). I have the same anti-spam tool in place as before, and it's a plugin called Ccode not part of the MT core. It has worked so well in the past that I shut off the core MT anti-spam features becasue they were only blocking legit comments with questionable language.

MT 4.21 has a new anti-spam feature called TypePad AntiSpam, but since Ccode has worked so well I'm not sure I'm even going to try it.

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