This is Either Cool or Tragic

Camaro Purse
Yes, it's a purse. On my blog. Bear with me here for a minute.

Kim White was lucky to find an entire warehouse full of old unused auto seat fabric and bought the whole lot. Now, she uses it to make cool purses and handbags. Hey, I'm not a girl but what's not to like about a back made from 1983 Camaro seats (in three color combos)?

The tragedy is that this fabric could have been used to fix up actual Camaro seats. Still, ain't it cool?

If the Camaro is a bit much, maybe the one below is better. It was scheduled to cushion your fanny while driving your 1974 Plymouth Fury. Then there's the 1975 Gremlin bag, the 1975 Pacer bag and more.

Fury Bag.jpg

HT: Michael Banovsky at vLane

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Dude, you put purses on your blog. Still pretty. Neat.

Yeah, every time I open my blog I think "I gotta get that off the front page." But, you know, life happens, no time to blog.

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