Five for Friday - Saturday After Vacation Edition

WCBE LogoWe just got back from a camping vacation with friends in the beautiful Seneca Rocks area of West Virginia. We got home Thursday night and spent yesterday cleaning up and drying out our rain soaked gear. Our friends have gone home, so now I can do my belated FfF.

So, Media Player on random, here we go.

  1. David Mead - She, Louisa from WCBE's Lucky Seven, Mixx on the Fly, Volume 7
    WCBE is one of the local NPR stations and they've put out a series of CDs from live performances from artists coming to the area to play. This is from his the luxury of time album. Nice singer and his guitar track.
  2. Sisai - Llorando Se Fue (Lambada) from the CD Florecer
    This is a CD we bought at a street fair when we lived in Detroit. A trio were playing Andes music and had this for sale. I don't think this is their CD, although the music is very similar. Great background music for having dinner guests.
  3. Petra - Chameleon from Never Say Die / Washes Whiter Than
    This is old school Petra with two of their original albums on one CD. I guess this was pretty radical stuff for Christian music in its day.
  4. Norah Jones - The Long Day Is Over from Come Away With Me
    Slow, bluesy song.
  5. The Cranberries - Disappointment from No Need to Argue
    This song makes good use of Dolores O'Riordan's voice, flipping as she does from full voice to falsetto chest voice to head voice (My sister tells me I had the terms wrong. A woman doesn't have a falsetto voice, rather a "head voice").

Hmm, 5 relatively obscure songs.

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