Smashing Pumpkins

Yeah, there's a band (or was) with that name, but I'm talking about the real thing.

Friday morning after trick or treating in our neighborhood Thursday night I awoke to find pumpkin shrapnel in my driveway. Seems some teenager had used out concrete as the weapon of choice against someone's jack-o-lantern.

The mess I cleaned up was nothing compared to what the staff at Universal Studios had to clean up after Friday's Conan O'Brian show.

Conan had the worlds biggest pumpkin guy on the show and they topped it off by bringing in the monster truck Grave Digger, ostensibly to crush it to get the seeds out. (Evidently, world record pumpkin seeds can bring $500 a piece. Who knew?)

The jump was perfect and the driver and Grave Digger creator, Dennis Anderson, was clearly having a lot of fun as he tramples the remains two more times.

An interesting side note is one of my High School classmates, Charlie Paukin, is also a driver for the Grave Digger team. I remember the modified high roller bike they talk about in his bio. He's been driving monter trucks for a long time, I can remember the Excalibur truck that he started on being parked behind a house on Harrison Street in my home town back in the mid 80's. Excalibur, I believe, was the first truck to beat the Ford Big Foot trucks back when they were the biggest name in the business.

HT to Autoblog for the YouTube link

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