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The Hemmings blog, in two posts, pointed me to some nifty van stuff this week. I generally like vans, the minivan in particular because it does so much well, but I also grew up during the custom van craze of the 70's. I remember going to van shows in Southwyck Mall in Toledo (now gone) with my Dad. Check these out:

The first post led to this:

VW Record Player

They found it at Big Blue's Online Carburetor. Can you guess what it does? Here's a video of one just like it in action:

I really want one, but the You Tube link says it'll destroy your records. Still, how cool is that?

The second post pointed me to Vans and the places where they were, a photo collection of old custom vans. Check this one out:

Brown VanDura with Tan Stripes

Yeah, that's a complete greenhouse from an 80's Ford Escort grafted on top, complete with opening hatchback. Here's another:

Tradesman with Candy Paint Stripes

This van, unlike most of those at the site, is close to what folks were doing in the 70's. Wild paint and custom windows. The later conversion vans were the the mass production outcome, but at first every one of them was a one off like this one.

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