01/26 Genesis 31-38

Genesis 31-38

Lost of reading, trying to catch up.

Gen. 31 - Laban must have really mistreated him. God and Laban's daughters have noticed.

Not much here about God's heart. We see much of a man and his deciept. But od is a bit silent, almost absent. Not quite. What little is said is sid on behalf of Jacon. God's devotion to Jacob (and Isacc and Abraham) is unwavering, even throught he deciept of Jacob and his wives.

Gen. 32:3-8 - Jacon ran from Esau's fury (Gen. 27) and now rightfully fears meeting him again. Surely he thought of this before setting out? But he trusts God that he will not send him into an ambush (Gen. 32:9-12)

Gen. 23:24-32 - I wonder what to make of this wrestling. Is it physical? Spiritual? Both? I think much of what I've been through in the past year is like this - wrestling with God. "OK God, what about discipling? What about accountability? What about my church?"

But what of the implication here that Jacob was stronger than God? Does that simply speak to his determination to know God? So figurative, yet encouraging. If we fight with God, question him, even demand of him, as long as our hearts are soft and humble, we will be blessed.

Gen. 34:13-17 - There's a fine line between shrewd and decieptful. It seems that the heeart behind it is the judge. Deciept is born of selfishness, greed and fear. Shrewdness out of love and concern.

Gen. 34:18-24 - "Won't it become ours ..." Deciept.

Gen. 36:1-43 - More geneology! But it's the only mention of Esau's line. The Bible goes into detail about Jacob's. Is it the simple choice to follow God that separates them? It seems to be.

Gen. 37:3-4 - Benjamin was born in Jacob's even "older age", yet Joseph is favored.

Gen. 37:12-17 - He is oblivious to their hatred (as perhaps is Jacob)

Gen. 37:25-28 - Such compassion! Sold for 1/2 pound of silver.

Gen. 38:1-30 - Oh what a tangled web of unfaithfulness.

It's unclear what Er's wickedness was.

Er's wickedness costs him his life, Onan's selfishness his. Then Judahfails to fulfil his promise to Tamar, putting her in a desparate position where she resorts to a desparate plan and it only works because of Judah's sin!

Gen. 38:24-26 - ow arrogant of Judah! Yet she is shrewd and discreet. She could have exposed him but did not.

Mat. 1 - Jesus traces his line through this birth from a relationship of deciept, prostitution and lust! It is amazing what God will do even eith our sin.

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