QT Journal

I plan on keeping my quiet time journal right here on salguod.net. My hope is that you folks will read it and be encouraged, but also will comment on my observations on the scriture. I figure I'll learn more from your comments than from mine.

I'll be going through my Daily Chronological Bible, put out by Harvest House Publishers. You'll find that I'm not too good at reading each and every day, but I hope to do better than the last time I went through this 'Bible in a year'. It took two years that time.

This is the first time that I'm reading with a certain focus in mind. I'm looking for God's heart, his essence if you will. What does the passage tel us about what's important to God? What is it about God that made him respond the way he did to man in the passage? How is that diffent than what I would have done?

I hope you enjoy it.

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