Douglas Jacoby

I'm adding a new link to the list. Douglas Jacoby has a PHD in Ministry from Drew University in New Jersey and a M.T.S. in New Testament from Harvard Divinity School. He's been on staff of several churches around the world, both evangelist and teacher. He currently runs the Athens Institute of Ministry in Athens Georgia. He's spoken and taught in more than 125 cities around the world.

I've known him in relation to his support of the children's ministry over the years he spent on staff in the Washington DC Church of Christ. He was very supportive of the childrens ministry and those of us at work in that endeavor in the various churches affiliated wtih the Washington DC Church of Christ. He is an incredibly intelligent man with a big heart, especially for kids and family.

His website is absolutely packed with incredible resources for study. If you have a question, Doug will like have an answer on his site or will answer it in the Q & A section. New stuff is posted daily, check it out. I like the site so much it's my home page.

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