Happy Birthday Jessica!

My oldest daughter, Jessica, turns 9 today. A double whammy week to make me feel old, 11 years of marraige and 9 years of parenthood.

She got this big, posterboard birthday card from her class. On the right hand side were comments from the kids completing the sentence "Jessica is a good friend because ..." This is some of what they wrote:

She shares.
She helps people.
Shows others how she wants to be treated.
Listens well.
Cheers people up.
Willing to play with anyone.
Shows honesty.

All the A's in the world can't top a report from school like that, as far as I'm concerned. She's excelling in the things that are most important to God, that is, how we treat each other. I've in fact noticed these things my self at home in how she treats her sisters, especially the youngest. Way to go Jessie, I'm proud of you.

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