03/08 Exodus 39:2-43, 40:1-33

Exodus 39:2-43, Exodus 40:1-33

Ex. 39:32-43 - I think it's nojust my 20th century culture, but all of this seems so trivial. Curtains, poles, tables, etc. blah, blah, blah. It's hard to put myself in their shoes and understand the importance. But these were the articles that they would use for centuries to connect with and worship God. How sacred would you find the first articles of worship? You were finally your own, independant people with your own God and He had given you instructions to build articles to worship Him with. How awesome, inspiring, solemn.

Ex. 40:1-33 - Imagine the anticipation as they set up the first house for God to dwell among them ....

Ex. 40:34-35 - Kinda anti-climatic.

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