A new name ...

Bill at the Thinklins wrote recently about nicknames in the Bible and whether Jesus was the kind of guy who gave a nickname to all his friends. What struck me was his relating how Jesus might greet us:

Jesus is the great redeemer and the great re-namer. When He saves us and begins the process of sanctification He redeems our fallen character and begins to bring out the jewels and the gold of our new self with His refining and purifying fire. I wonder if perhaps when we meet Him in glory He will whisper our new name to us:

"You were once Liar. Your new name is Truthful."

"You are no longer Needy. Your new name is Fulfilled."

"I call you Beloved."

"You're new name is Beautiful."

"You're old name was Wounded. I pronounce you Healed."

It sent chills up my spine as I read it. When people are transformed into something new it's so amazing. This is the business that Jesus is in every day. I was once a lustful, angry, selfish and foul mouthed man, none of which descibe me today (hopefully!). But even more so, if this is Jesus' business, what in my character now do I lack the faith to change? Why shouldn't I be able to overcome and why don't I think of it in such sharp focus as presented here by Bill anymore? Good reminder of just who it is I serve.

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