Celebacy, Obviously

I found this great post over at a new blog I've been visiting called Radical Congruency. The two authors are from a similar (Church of Christ) background which I find encouraging.

The post was all about how Christians tend to treat those who are gay differently that folks that struggle with other sins. Why is it that this one sin is more difficult to separate for the person that others? Somehow I think that Jesus wouldn't do that. He'd chastise and rebuke them for their sin, but not discard them for their weaknesses. I know of more than one brother who have an ongoing temptation for lust and pornography. How is homosexual temptation any different? They are a part of a close knit support group to help them overcome, why shouldn't we do them same for those who identify themselves as 'gay'?

We all have our weaknesses and we all have looked at others and not understood why some other sin tempts them so much. Let's stand firm on sin but love the sinner.

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