Living in a 10 dimensional World

While I was in Wisconsin I rediscovered my interest in science. If you're like me, however, you may love science but I never took a science class in college (despite earning a Bachelors of Science) so much of it gets over my head pretty quickly. There was this Popular Science magazine laying around at my friend's parent's house and I read this article about some way out there radical theories about the nature of the universe and how many dimensions we live in. Very well written article that manages to make mind blowing concepts pretty understandable and even humorous. I am not going to attempt to explain it, you'll have to go read it yourself, but here's snippet:

If the following seems ridiculous, far-fetched or just outright outlandish to you, rest assured: It is. It will probably hurt your brain, as it has hurt mine, and as it most definitely hurts the brains of those who come up with this stuff for a living. The following asks you to accept ideas that are counter to the fundamental basis of our experience, the framework through which we comprehend everything from setting down a coffee cup to the arc of a home run as it sails into the upper deck. The basic point of what follows -- and by the way, what follows is not fanciful provocation but has been worked into contemporary consciousness by the brainiest physicists alive today -- is that everything that you have ever experienced has in some small but significant way been an illusion. Why? Because everything you have ever experienced you have understood as happening in three dimensions of space -- up-down, left-right and front-back. Yet this is not how things happen. Things happen in more than three dimensions of space; to see them in only three is to succumb to a trick that the universe is constantly playing on us.

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