05/21 - Deuteronomy 1-4

Deuteronomy 1-4

Deut. 1:15-18 - Though Isreal was the chosen people, Moses charges them to be fair to all, even the alien. I wonder what Moses would say of modern Isreal's disputes with and treatment of, the Palestinians.

Deut. 2:5, 9 - A glimps into what God was doing for others that was not recorded in the Bible. I wonder what other stories have not been recorded.

Deut. 4:7 - God is near us whenever we pray. I certainly feel that. When my prayer life slips (as it has in these past weeks with my work schedule) I feel less close to God and more on my own. An unhealthy independance and self reliance is easy for me to slip into.

Deut. 4:8 - The laws of God are a priveledge, not a burden.

Duet. 4:25-31 - What a warning and what a promise. It is true that the placing of other things above God is the greatest threat to our well being. Praise God that he allows us to return.

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