Happy Birthday Emily!

Things have been rather heavy around here lately, I thought it'd be good to write about some little things that happened recently that I've overlooked.

My middle daughter turned 7 on the 5th. She got her Schaefer tradition of breakfast in bed, which for a 7 year old is really cool. We also gave her a chioce of us buying her gifts or spendign the money on a party for her friends. She of chose the party and had an absolute blast. It was a princess theme; they made princes hats (which look like fancy decorated dunce caps!), played 'braid the princess hair' (using plates with princess faces and golden yarn hair hung on the wall) and played kiss the frog. That's basically pin the tail on the donkey ecept that the donkey is a frog (with crown) and the girls put on bright red lipstick and had to kiss the frog poster blindfolded. Closest lip prints wins.

Emily is so energetic and social, she was in cloud nine after the party. She just loves life and lives it with more gusto than most.

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