A Conversation With Audrey

As recorded by my wife. Audrey is 5.

Audrey: Mommy, I don't want to have children.

Mom: Audrey, that's ok. It's your choice (thinking inside my head--You WILL give me grandchildren!). But, if you're going to marry a prince and be a real princess, you'll have to have children so there can be more princes and princesses. (She has stated for as long as I can remember that when she grows up she is going to marry a REAL prince so that she can be a REAL princess! LOL

Audrey: Oh, I don't want to be a princess anymore.

Mom: Oh, what do you want to be, then?

Audrey: Nothing.

Mom: Nothing? What will you do all day?

Audrey: I'll SCRAPBOOK! and I'll work on my computer and drive my car. [salguod: She's been watching Mom. :-)] Lot's of things!

Mom: Oh, I see. Well, how will you make money to live?

Audrey: Mom, my husband will do that! Just like Daddy does for you!

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