A slight correction ...

I have edited my comments on the Deacon's meeting of a couple weeks ago. One of the men, reading my comments, suggested that I should be careful to distinguish that these are my own feelings and impressions, not those of the group. An excellect point. I am only one man, and this is only my blog.

"The thoughts, opinions and feelings expressed here are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of the Columbus Church of Christ, it's Deacons, Ministers, Evangelist or ministry leaders."

That's said slightly tongue in cheek, but in reality it's very true. I can not and should not attempt to speak for the group. (I should point out here that he didn't have any objections to the content of what I said, just that I be careful who I attribute things to) So I changed a little of the wording to make that more clear and I will be more conscious of that in the future. Where we make clear cut decisions and commitments I will state them, where they are my thoughts, feeligns or impressions I'll make that clear as well.

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