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Another place I visit occasionally is Heal Your Church Website. HYCW is a blog that attempts to clean the net of tacky, and worse, ineffective and unuseable church websites. How does he do that? He visits the sites and then critiques them. He also writes a lot about the struggles he and others run into in maintaining church web sites. It's full of technical stuff that is frequently over my head, but it has helped me a lot in the learning curve for creating and running my own website.

His Scripturizer plug in for Movabletype is what turns the scripture references I (and you) type in here to links to the verse at BibleGateway.

I've also added a link to his email obfuscator. It's a great tool that generates a clickable email link that's sufficiantly garbled to ward off the spambots. See it in action at the left.

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Thanks for the kind words and the linkage!

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