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My kids go back to school this Tuesday. We've picked up on something that my sister does with her kids each morning. They sit down as a family for 'Bible time' where they just read a passage of scripture to their kids. They sit around the kitchen table and the kids (3, 6, 8 & 10 in her case) color while she or her husband read.

So on Monday Maria and the kids started to practice their morning routine so come this Tuesday there won't be a panic trying to get ready for school. They sat down at the table and started reading Genesis 1-3, the creation story. The images at right are the ones they drew that day, starting with Jessica's (9 1/2 years) at the top, Emily's (7 years) next and Audrey's (5 1/2 years) at the bottom. These pictures just blew me away, Jessica's detail into each day, Emily's abstract 'Day, night and water' and Audrey's Earth. At first I didn't think she was actually drawing the Earth, so I asked her what it was. Her simple answer was "The world." Wow. Kids are amazing.

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wow. great art. kids are great.

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