God is not a Republican. Or Democrat

Ok, this might be considered political too, so I guess my staying away from the political didn't last long. I got this link from this post at Radical Congruency.

Go read this and then finish here.

Do you think, as I do, that the title is bit misleading? It's not complete (the last item seems to go against Kerry on abortion), but the subtile message there is that Kerry is the choice of "more thoughtful" Christians. The implication is if you're for Bush you're less thoughtful.

I found it a bit ironic that that they criticize Robertson and Falwell for their blatant support for Bush, but they aren't willing to be honest about their obvious (to me) Kerry leanings. It seems, frankly, that Robertson and Falwell (as silly as they sound) are at least not hiding their partisanship behind a thin veil of objectivity.

OK, now I'm really done with politics.

(BTW - Don't Roberston and Falwell sound ridiculous? I mean really, my Christian 'responsibility' to be serious about supporting Bush? Bush appointed by God no matter what he does? No wonder fundamentalist Christians get slammed in the media. Sheesh.)


Permalink redirects to "Heal your church" post, #125. THis is post #152. Same thing with the link in your notification email. Bizarre.

Really? It worked fine for me here. I'll check the email notice I get at work in the AM.

Permalink for this post works fine for me. Nice thoughts.

Worked from my email notice too. Erik, maybe that new Penguin of yours is dyslexic. :-)

It works now, as well. I assume that I was clicking on the link before your site had been completely updated after the post. 1and1.com has a feature that automatically redirects people who enter typos in their html addresses. If the precise site being requested in the click isn't available, it will deliver the best fit.

Try it out: click on the permalink for this page, then change "152" to "153" in the address bar and hit enter. Since "153" doesn't exist yet, it will kindly take you to "135". If you change it to "1512" it will take you to a page that lets you choose between possible pages.

So, no, my penguin isn't dyslexic! ;)

I liked the dyslexic penguin explination better. :-)

But now I have a reason to like 1and1! That link checker is cool.

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