Wedding Day

I got to go to a wedding to day. It's been a long time since I've been to one. I love weddings. They make me all nestalgic to my wedding 11.5 years ago.

One of my favorite things is when the bride comes through the door. I turn my eyes not to the bride, but to the groom. It's a special moment. He hasn't seen the love of his life all day, he's about to marry her and become more than a 'boyfriend' or even fiance, but a lover. She's spent hours having others make her the most beautiful she can possibly be. The doors open up and this unstoppable, stupid-happy grin blossoms on the groom's face. You couldn't remove it with all the botox in the world. That smile is truly priceless. There she is in all her radiance and glory and she is all his. That's how I felt on my wedding day. I was stunned and overwhelmed at Maria's beauty (and I still am.) and I couldn't stop smiling as she walked toward me, her eyes fixed on mine. Watching that smile develop on another man's face for his bride takes me right back to my wedding day and helps keep me grateful for what I have.

This wedding had a couple of oddities. He is a video game freak, and so is she. He has a Game Cube, and she has an X-Box. In fact ,after the ceremony they walked out to the background music to Super Mario Brothers. They even did a little jump like (I guess ) Mario does. All the other couples standing up with them did it too as they exited. They both love the Lord of The Rings and when he put the ring on her finger he muttered "My precious ..." in his perfect Gollum voice (which he does very well).

They've dated on and off for 9 years, someof that before they bcame Christian and some after. They are one of those couples that everyone but them (or more specifically, him) knew that they should be together.

Conragts, guys.

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