New links

I've added a couple new links at left. I recently discovered a site that posts regular - daily actually - updates on the churches in the ICOC. Although the ICOC doesn't exsist as it once was (a good thing), it is still near to my heart as the movement of churches that led me to be what I am today. It's good for me to find a source of information for the ICOC chuches around the world. Look for ICOCinfo at left.

I've also added a link to Disciples Today. DT is an ICOC web portal dedicated to the "connection of disciples and churches so that we might glorify God, mature as Christians, deepen our fellowship and accomplish God's dream for every person to have the opportunity for a relationship with him." The bulk of the content is subsciber only, but the news area and the links to the icoc churches is accessable to all.

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