Home Shopping Network = Good
Weider Fitness = Bad

About 4 months ago I purchased a home gym. With my wife and me in our late 30 (she's hit 40 since), we were loosing the battle of the bulge and it was time for corrective measures. So we settled on a Bowflex type machine and we found that Weider has been making similar machines for some time and, in general, they had good reviews. We decided to purchase a mid level machine (now called the Crossbar Max) for $599 plus $99 shipping. Well, before I purchased it I found a nicer machine, the Platinum 800, on sale at Home Shopping Network for $599 (it's $799 direct from Weider) with free shipping. I was a little concerned about the motorized weight system in the 800, but I was reassured by the 10 year warranty on the mechanism (now lifetime). So I bought it.

It arrived at our home on August 2nd in a huge sofa sized box left on our front walk. I had to unload it right there because the box was too heavy to move into the garage. I immediately had to call Weider because the plastic front leg was broken. It took about 1.5 - 2 weeks to get the part. In the process of assembling it another part buckled and after using it for about a week, we had to wait another 1.5 - 2 weeks for that part to come in. So we've had it for 5 weeks, down for nearly 4.

We got it together and after using it for a couple of weeks, the weight system failed and stuck at 340 pounds. I called Weider; they ordered some parts and arranged for a technician to fix it. After 3 weeks of waiting on parts and then the technician, it was working again. 10 weeks of ownership, down for about 7.

Almost immediately it began to fail. The weight system would not adjust for small increments; say between 10 and 15 pounds. I had to recalibrate it after every use and sometimes it would be out of calibration before I was done with my 20 minute workout. Finally, it stuck again, this time at the other end of the range - 10 pounds. I called, they ordered more parts and arranged for another technician. They said they would send the parts second day, but they did not and they arrived a week later - broken. I called again, they said they'd send new parts, but they were back ordered until December 15th. Oh-kay, well that was enough. At this writing we've had it for 17 weeks and it's only worked for about 8 of them. By the time the parts arrive and get put on it'll be 21 weeks of ownership with 8 weeks of use. How do I send this thing back?

I spoke to Weider service about returning it. They don't handle that, only fixing them and will be glad to help me get it repaired. I emailed Weider customer service who forwarded it to Weider sales who emailed back to me saying I needed to talk to Weider returns. Returns told me that I needed to call Home Shopping Network since I bought it from them. I asked why it was their problem, but all I got was something like 'this is our procedure'. They did give me the number of Icon corporate (parent company of Weider) if Home Shopping Network wouldn't help me.

Just to say that I did it, I called Home Shopping Network. That way, when I called Icon corporate to get them to come get the thing I could honestly say that I followed their procedure. I spoke to a nice woman, Millie, who informed me that because it was over 30 days she couldn't do anything, I'd have to call Weider. Big surprise. When I told her that Weider said to take it up with Home Shopping Network , she put me on hold to talk to her supervisor.

Millie came back and said that her supervisor, Becky, had ordered a call tag sent and that they would completely refund my money once the unit was received. Huh? I'm sorry, did I hear that right? Yep, 120 days out and with very little fuss they're going to take it back for a full refund, including return shipping. And I don't even need the original box, which is a battle I was prepared to fight. Wow. Now, we'll see how well this goes (15 - 21 days to process the call tag), but I must say right now I'm impressed. Home Shopping Network had absolutely zero responsibility in this yet they're stepping up to the plate and taking care of the customer. Thank you. Now everyone go buy something at the Home Shopping Network. :-)

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Hey, you know what? The part showed up yesterday. Yeah, the on back orderd until the 15th. Hmmm. Looks like I'll get it fixed before I send it back. :-)

Hmmm, sounds a little better than, say Best Buy...glad to hear you had a good experience with HSN after your bad experience with the Weider machine.

I can't say the same experience at HSN. I left my link. Read my article.

Interesting story.

I have to say as well, there is more to my story as well. Getting the money back was easy, it took weeks to get the thing actually picked up. I almost had it hauled away to the dump.

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