Well. my wife did it again (twice in one weekend!). She got me out of the house to experience something new, in this case Letterboxing Letterboxing is basically a scavanger hunt run by stangers. Someone has hidden a box somewher and you have to follow the clues tto find it. In the box you'll find a rubber stamp and a journal. You bring your own journal and rubber stamp. You stamp your stamp in the box's journal and the box's stamp in your journal. Afer that, you dicreetly put it all back for the next person. Then, using the email addess at the Letterboxing site, email the person who left it to tell them you found it (or that it's missing if you didn't find it). It's a mini adventure and a little connection with someone new.

We spend part of both Saturday and Sunday looking for 7 letterboxes in the Columbus area. We found 5 of them. In the process we foun a mid-1800's graveyard in the middle of an apartment complex (with fresh flags on two graves!), explored a cool ravine in the same comlex, discovered a new park with a neat stream and another park with a 25 foot high rock wall along a creek. We also got to poke through a fair bit of underbrush, lift some rocks and get generally dirty. Pretty fun.

Maria told me at one point "See, I'm providing you with fodder for your blog." I love this woman.

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Yes, wives are certainly a blessing. :)

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  • Yes, wives are certainly a blessing. :)...

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