New linkage

I've added a couple of new links to the right side menu. I've come to treat this as my 'favorites' in my daily walk through the web. These are the sites I visit every day or nearly so. So when I start to check a site frequently, it's time to add them to the list.

Pinakidion is a member of the Omaha Church of Christ, an ICoC church and a sister congregation of my own Columbus Church of Christ. He has been a part of that church's advisory group as they, like so many ICoC churches, try to find a way forward from the challenging times of the past year or two. He, like me, has struggled greatly with what we should be and where we should be going, longing for more & deeper change than it seems others desire. I'm especially gratefull to have found his site because I can relate to his feelings and thoughts in the same way that I did with many of the men who have left my church. As they've one by one left, I've found myself wondering occasionally if that was my destiny as well, though I don't desire to leave. It's good to find another longing or deep and lasting change and still fighting it out in the ICoC.

Requiest is a site I recently discovered that links to my site. Since then I've found myself drawn back to visit fairly regularly.

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