Bah Humbug

I'm not sure if I should feel good about this or not, but I do.

Alan and Bonnie Aerts have been putting up $150,000 worth (!) of Christmans decorations at their California home for the last 6 years. Not this year though:

This year, though, the merry menagerie stayed indoors. Instead, on the manicured lawn outside the couple's Tudor mansion stands a single tiding: a 10-foot-tall Grinch with green fuzz, rotting teeth, and beet-red eyeballs.

The Aertses erected the smirking giant to protest the couple across the street -- 16-year residents Le and Susan Nguyen, who initiated complaints to city officials that the display was turning the quiet neighborhood into a Disneyesque nightmare.

Alan Aerts, who makes sure the Grinch's spindly finger points directly to the Nguyens' house, says the complaints killed the exhibit.

I guess I can understand the frustrations with traffic etc., but it's hard not too see the grinch in this.

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