Better Late Than Never

Here's out Christmas letter that went out by snail mail a month ago. Some of you already got this the old fashion way. It's a rare case of the internet being slower than real life.

Dear Loved Ones,

As 2004 draws to an end, we thought we would share with you our very own Top Ten List:

The Schaefer Top Ten List of Things We Learned in 2004

10. Having three children in school all day is a blessing from Heaven! Although, Girl Scouts and Dance Lessons keep Mom in the car a lot! (all three girls are in dance again and new this year...Girl Scouts).

9. Seeing the President and the "Governator" is pretty exciting. (October--Victory Rally in Columbus)

8. Remodeling is hard work, but it's really worth the benefits (this year we painted the hallway and remodeled the laundry room and made it a pantry as well as remodeled the girls' bathroom).

7. Family Trips can be fun! (We went to Wisconsin for a week in March and Missouri for a week in August--we had a blast with Adam's Family in St. Louis).

6. Having your own weblog is a creative and interesting outlet ( Check it out!)

5. Having a broken arm (Emily) and your tonsils out (Emily & Jessica) in one month is NOT fun! (July)

4. Turning 40 really isn't so bad! (Maria/October)

3. Letterboxing is a cool new family hobby (See if your interested).

2. Christmas is a truly wondrous time of year.

And the #1 thing the Schaefer's learned in 2004 is:

1. God is Good and we are BLESSED!

Merry Christmas to you and yours this Holiday Season!

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