Well, when I linked to my friend Paul's new blog, I was excited to have him blogging. Then 12 days passed without a peep. At first I wondered if he was serious about blogging (sorry to doubt you, bro) but as time went on I hoped he was OK. Paul's health isn't so good.

My friend Paul has been through a lot. I mean an amazing amount. Really. He's posted about his health struggles, and I'd encourage you to read it. Not so you can go "Awww" and feel sorry for him, Paul wouldn't be impressed and frankly probably doesn't want the attention. No, you should go for two reasons. One, to get some perspective on your own troubles and woes. And two, to be inspired by a man who's been through the wringer and still loves God and is passionate to know Him. He's an inspiration to me.

How bad can it be you wonder? Well, go read it, but to summarize, about 4 1/2 years ago he spent 16 weeks in an induced coma followed by months of physical therapy. He's had multiple surgeries and been in and out of the hospital and unable to work since. His situation now?

Now, at this time, I now am diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, diabetes, renal insufficiency, fatty liver, portal hyper tension, parathyroid condition, hypertrygliserosis, insulin resistance, inflamed spleen, inflamed panceas, herniatic intestine, nausia, chronic back pain, depression, OCD, PCSD, and as of last Wednesday, a infractured right foot (which I got from a fall when I blacked out). So try to deal with all of that along with financial devestation, raising a seven year old, and keeping a marriage healthy, and in a constant state of needing help from church, family, and state. We scrape, beg, plead, and generally have to ask for help consistantly. On top of all that, I am writing all the time. Not just this blog, but a book of poetry, a juvenial fiction novel, a full length Christian Sci-Fi novel in comic book form, and some advanced notes on reformation needs within contemporary New Testament Christianity. Oh, did I mention my spoiled dog? Well, needless to say, I recieved bad news this morning. My kidneys are rapidly failing, and I will probably need to go back on dialysis, maybe even within the week. This is a big bummer. I hate dialysis.

Meet with Paul and you'd have no idea that he was battling so much. He's giving and joyful and revels in his God. Next time you complain about a sore back or a cold or sniffles, think about Paul and the folks like him and give thanks to God for your health.

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