Emily - 3
Dad - 1
Mom, Jessica and Audrey - 0

Emily, my middle daughter, broke her arm over the weekend. She was sitting up on top of our about 4 foot fence talking to a neighbor friend and decided to jump off. Unfortunately, her shoes were wedged between the fence boards, so while most of her body leapt off the fence, her feet stayed put and she went down hands first, fracturing her right arm at the elbow.

That makes three broken bones for my tomboy of nearly 8 years. She broke her collar bone when she was about 3 (at the doctor's office, of all places) and this same arm (in the same place) on the playground last summer. She's got everyone in the family (combined!) beat in that regard. I'm the only other one to have broken anything, the outside bone in my left palm in a bike accident after college.

She gets her cast tomorrow. She's pretty self conscious about it and frustrated that she'll have to learn to write with her left hand.

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