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I have a subscription to Dilbert through Comics.com. It's free and I get each day's Dilbert emailed to me. If you want to spend a little money you can get up to 70 different comics emailed for something like $12 a year.

Anyway, part of the deal is you also get added to Dogbert's New Ruling Class and a subscription to the DNRC monthly Newsletter. It's an absolute riot most months. Be careful about reading at work unless you want to have to explain why you just spit your coffe all over your monitor. Through your nose.

The best part of the newsletter by far is the Induhvidual Quotes. Whether they're true quotes or not doesn't really mattter. Here they are from this month's issue:

"There's more than one way to cut the cheese."
"I know these streets like the back of my head."
"When push comes to shove, that's when the dollar meets the road."
"Tomorrow at this timeā€¦it will be Wednesday."
"I would like a pie-in-the-eye estimate."
"The smell of indifference was deafening."
"Oh, that will be a cake in the woods."
"She'll chew you up and down, and spit you out like a bad habit."
"He's living off the fat of my sweat!"
"I heard that out of the corner of my eye."
"Even a blind beaver falls off a log once in awhile."
"I threw down the carrot and he picked it up and ran with it."
"It's like a monkey on the back of the elephant in the room."
"I don't mean to throw a wrench, I mean a monkey, into the tools."
"I got under your goat."
"You heat it until it doubles to about three times its size."
"When it comes to nut-cutting time, the cream will rise to the top."
"Is it hot in me or what?"
"Don't you hate it when you lock your keys out of your car?"
"It's like watching paint grow."
"The winds of change aren't what they used to be."
"The system is humming like a clam."
"You need to take the bull by the balls and run with him."
"Two cats out of the bag are worth more in the nest."
"Anything worth doing is a lot more difficult than it's worth."
"Not to toot my own horse, but......"

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