Blogroll Update

I've streamlined the Blogroll a bit. It was time to prune as a few sites have gone inactive for various reasons.

Requiest has given up on blogging. He's an infrequent commenter here as 'Rong'.

Jared, of Thinklings fame, suspended his blogging on April 1st (we all thought it was an April fools joke when he did) for the time being to focus his efforts on completing his novel. His solo blog, Mysterium Tremendum, is still up if you want to peruse the archives, but there will be no new posts there for now. Sad to see him go, he and I have had a few Calvinism discussions which have been enlightening to me. The blogscape is less with him gone, but he posts archived items from Mysterium Tremendum every now and then on the Thinklings.

Lastly, and sadly, I've removed two church related links. It appears that both ICOCNews and In Fellowship! are dead. There has been no activity to speak of at either site for months. In its prime, ICOCnews was a great source for news of what was happening in the immediate post Henry Kreite letter era of the ICOC. I suppose its usefulness has passed since it seems that as a movement there's a general attitude that we've learned all we can from that time. I had thought and hoped that InFellowship! would have more life. A bulletin board discussion aimed at bringing folks from the restoration movement together, it never evolved past its ICOC roots and gained a life of its own. What a shame.

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