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I tend to use my link list as my daily blog run down of sites I check regularly. Every now and then a new blog pops up and as I check them out, I add them to my list. It's time to do that again, and I have a bunch.

Soupablog is the blog of Paul Soupiset, a friend of Virusdoc. I've been visiting there ever since I've known the 'doc, on and off. He writes a lot about the emergent church and music with the occasional graphic design thing thrown in. As with many in the 'emergent church' movement, I often find I don't quite relate to (or sometimes understand) where they're coming from, but I'm usually challenged and enriched by their perspective.

Kristen at Walking Circumspectly was once a member of the ICOC. She experienced some of the worst of our movement during her short tenure there. I found my way to her from her posts on her experiences while there. Since then I keep coming back because she writes significant posts often about rather deep subjects and has deep, thoughtful convictions.

Theologyblog is run by a student minister at the Orlando Church of Christ, an ICOC congregation. He often posts audio of his sermons as well as theology subjects. I stop by now and then. UPDATE 06-20-08: It seems the ICOC guys didn't keep up Theologyblog and let the domain expire. I frankly didn't keep up with it for long and long ago removed the link from my blogroll. I just learned that Theologyblog is now owned by an independent Christian group whos beliefs would be closely aligned to that of the Assemblies of God. I got an email from them requesting the information be corrected.

I only started reading Wade Hodges recently with his series on the Emerging Church of Christ. That was enough to keep me coming back for more.

JohnE's World is a brand new blog by another ICOC alumni, in this case no longer worshiping with an ICOC church. He only has 3 post up now, but he' a long time close friend of my friend Pfredy, and that's good enough for me to put a link up here. Besides, he's been a long time subscriber to my blog updates. :-)

Folk Alley is an on line all folk music 'radio' station that Virusdoc pointed me to a while back. I'm a big fan of this kind of music among others, and I listen to it occasionally, when I don't have WCBE on.

Movalog is a site dedicated to "All Thing Movabletype", specifically hacking MT and developing plugins for it. That's where I got the MT Blogroll plugin and the inspiration for my EasyComments.

Lastly, there's Google Sightseeing. I think I'm going to need a new category for this one. Since Google came out with it's new maps feature (which, even if rough around the edges, knocks mapquest out cold) and it recently added satellite photos. From that springs Google Sightseeing, a collection of satellite images of interesting places and things. )By the way: BEG - I tried to look up your farm on Google maps, but Google doesn't seem to know where you live. Besides, the resolution in that part of WI isn't that good yet. :-)

Give me some time to get them all added into the Blogroll.

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Thanks! I actually meant to link you weeks ago, and forgot. I'll do it now. :) I enjoy your posts as well.

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  • Thanks! I actually meant to link you weeks ago, and forgot. I'll do it now. :) I enjoy your posts as well....

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