That's an Odd Looking Bird ...

Yesterday after work I filled Maria's bird feeder. OK, she filled it, I just hung it up. This evening it was empty. All the seed, gone. (Like Elvis and his Mom.) The hook was away from the porch so the squirrels shouldn't be able to reach over and pick stuff out of it. Hmmm.

So we filled it again, halfway, to see if it would be gone in the morning, indicating a night feeding frenzy (or theft.)

Just a minute ago, one of the cats is sitting at the patio door looking attentively outside, ears and head twitching. And then there's a good, solid thump on the wood porch - and the bird feeder is swinging back and forth.

Maria gets up and turns on the back porch light and there, under the now empty, oscillating bird feeder, is a young raccoon having a late night snack. The little bugger had climbed up on the railing, hung off to the feeder and pushed the edge down until all the seeds poured out!

I guess it's time to move the raccoon bird feeder.

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