T'bird Links

Since I've begun posting stuff about my Thunderbird, I decided to add a category of links to Thunderbird sites to my blogroll. These are sites with info or message boards, not parts vendors.

The Thunderbird Cybernest is the host of several Yahoo Groups dedicated to the various iterations of the Thunderbird. I get a lot of info and help from the folks on the Squarebirds list.

Squarebirds.org is a site dedicaated to the 3 years of Thunderbirds like mine, 1958-1960. It has a bunch of technical info and an active message board.

The Thunderbird Registry is a project by LOVEFords to try to document where as many Thunderbirds as possible are today. As of this writing they've registered 27,685 Thunderbirds. Mine is Registry Number 20,128.

Probably not of interest to most of you, but oh well.

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