James Update

Maria spoke to Kym today and learned that James should be heading home soon. He does have some paralysis on one side, but that should go away with therapy. He's evidently in good spirits. The doctors are now calling what happened an 'episode', I don't know if that means it wasn't a stroke or not. They are also, unfortunately, 90% sure that he has Multiple Sclerosis.

I understand that all week folks from Columbus have been driving the 3.5 hours to Louisville to visit and just be with them. One brother drove down this evening, arriving around 6:30 PM, and had to return again later tonight. To see the disciples going out of their way like this just to be with them encourages me greatly. Driving down there to be by their side does nothing for them practically, but it communicates powerfully how much they are worth to us as a church and I'm sure just have familiar faces by their side is a tremendous comfort.

I understand that they've made their way here to salguod.net and were encouraged as well. If I accomplish nothing more here than stuff like that, this crazy blogging endeavor will be worth it.

Please, if you're so moved, keep them in your prayers.

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