Angel or Adopted?

Emily's 8 and we've had some really cool conversations lately. This was tonight.

Emily: My friend said that Halloween is the Devil's birthday.
Dad: No, that's not true. There are witches and scary things, but it's just a day to have fun.
Emily: Was Satan an angel once?
Dad: I'm not sure, but I think so.
Emily: Did he used live in heaven?
Dad: Yes, I think so.
Emily: Do we become angels when we die and go heaven?
Dad: No, honey, angels are different than people.
Emily: Aww! I wish I could be an angel!
Dad: Did you know that The Bible says that the angels wish they could be like us?
Emily: [Surprised and curious look]
Dad: People can be adopted by God to become His sons or daughters. Angels can't.
Emily: Like a princess!?! Cool.
Dad: Yep.
Emily: So angels are like servants?
Dad: I guess you could say that. But we can be adopted into God's family when we become Christians.
Emily: Cool!
It's no wonder Jesus wanted to hang around the little ones.

(BTW - Emily came down and watched me type this and proof read it. She suggested adding the exclamation mark at the end.)


Heh. I just noticed I originally typed 'sons and daggers'.


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