Just Say No to the Fish

Dan does it again. This time he tackles Christian "Adware" saying "Scrape the fish off your car. Please! I'm begging." I cannot agree more. I've always found about 99% of those Christian slogan T-shirts, bumper stickers, fish symbols, etc at least tacky, if not offensive. Why? Dan sums it up best:

To be perfectly blunt (and when am I not perfectly blunt?), I can't see what having any kind of Jesus fish or bumper stickers gets us except another reason for unbelievers to be hacked off at our lousy driving habits or the sheer hypocrisy of the plethora of other stickers we might have on our cars that cancels out that Ichthus. If a nut goes screaming past me doing twenty miles over the speed limit, he's just a menace. But if he's sportin' the old Ichthus and doing it, well then he's now a Christian menace.

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