Prayer Updates & More

I've asked you to pray for a few folks lately, I thought I'd give you an update.

James (see here and here) and his family were in town this past weekend for a wedding. He looked good (James always looks good), although he walled more slowly and deliberately and was using a cane. He said it's been a huge adjustment and he's frequently worn out. He's planning on taking a sabbatical from work (he's been back and even had to do some traveling to Connecticut) to rest. He could use continued prayers as they adjust to this.

My cousin's husband Dewight (see here) is home and recovering. I have more details on what happened. He was in a Humvee with 3 other soldiers and the hit some kind of road side bomb. One soldier was killed on impact. The driver pulled Dewight and the other one out of the Humvee. The driver was in the best shape, and the other man later died from his injuries.

In addition to his broken neck, Dewight has nerve damage in both shoulders, damage in left ankle, shrapnel in left leg calf, missing teeth, and a damaged ear. His neck break is a clean break with no spinal cord damage. Because the break is clean, he won't have surgery and will wear a neck brace for 6 months.

He's home now with my cousin and their 3 boys. Please continue to pray as he heals both emotionally and physically.

Lastly, I'd like to ask for prayers fro a couple of other folks. First is my friend and fellow blogger, Paul Frederick who is recovering from another surgery. It's hoped that this will reduce his ongoing pain in the long run, although the recovery will be long. (For an idea of what Paul goes through on a regular basis, see here.) Please pray for him, if you will.

Also, LJ a member of our church has gone back in the Hospital. He has congestive heart failure and his heart has gone out of rhythm for the third time. Prior to going in, he thought they would be putting in a pace maker. I'm not sure if that's what will happen or not. When I saw him last Sunday, he was obviously quite shaken and by this. Everyone loves LJ, he brings a smile to everyone's face. I wrote a little about him here. Pray for healing and peace, if you would.


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