There's Always an Exception.

Kids love to mess with stuff, why is that? Like the drain stopper. They like to push it down and fill up the sink and pull it up and watch it drain.

Of course, that means that the stopper gets disconnected from the handle and then it won't go up. And the sink won't drain. It happens every now and then. But that doesn't stop one of them from brushing their teeth anyway.

Of course, when the next one gets there and sees this sink full of water, toothpaste and spit, they call Daddy. Daddy can fix it, he can fix anything!

So I reach through the toothpaste and spit and pull the drain up with my fingernails and let it drain. A little wiggling and the stopper and handle are reconnected. All is right with the world.

That's when I have this conversation with Audrey (who's six):

Daddy: Why do you girls have to mess with the drain? That's why it gets messed up. Leave it alone. There's no reason for you to ever mess with the drain. (Daddy was a little frustrated.)
Audrey: Except ...
Daddy: No, there's no reason!
Audrey: Unless ....
[Daddy frowns, awaiting what might be next.]
Audrey: Unless you have to wash your cat.
Daddy: OK, the next time we have to wash the cat Audrey, you get to do the drain. Until then, leave it alone, OK?
Audrey: OK.

Audrey's going to be a comedian when she grows up.

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