Get Your Jesus Junk

I realize that I haven't put a list out there and you loyal readers are probably wondering what to get your favorite blogger. In consideration, I refer you to this list at Bogs4God. An excerpt:

Nothing says "I'm faithful" than by bustn' a move (in the Spirit) to a 'Fiddy Cent' tune while sporting your hip cool not-so Mediterranean, Wonder White Bread-o-life, happy heart-o-Jesus Ipod Skin bling. Word-up dude!
Come to think of it, I don't have an ipod so that's not a good idea.

Actually, none of those things are a good idea, but they are a good laugh.

If you still feel compelled, I could use a new Mazda3 5 door or a new set of leather seat covers for the old 'Bird. :-)


You want a 2001 Cadillac Catera? Only 6500. Needs tires.

Heh. I've heard about those Cateras. No thanks.

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