The Press Conference

Whenever three or more are gathered, a critic is always there among them. This is just as true in heaven as on earth. The critic stood up and said, "Now wait a minute. You are telling us that you're going to leave heaven and go down there and be born like every other person. I was watching this kid be born the other day and it was a bloody mess. You don't have to put yourself through that."

The Word said, "I know. Sit down. Next question."

Jesus calls a press conference to announce to the Angels his plans "to turn the rebels back to the Father", as told by Wade Hodges.
Do you really think they will let you be their King?"

The Word gave the critic's question a thoughtful pause before he said, "Most won't, but some will. All I need is a few."

Go and be a fly on the wall of heaven and listen to what it might have sounded like as Jesus laid out his outlandish plans.

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