Easy Comments Are Back

One of the things lost on my recent upgrade to MT 3.2 was EasyComments, the comment formatting buttons and real time preview. Well, I took some time this week and put them back in, with some tweaks.

  • First, I put the real time preview next to the comment entry box so you can more easily see it when you type. The old preview was below the entry box and got lost under the bottom of the window.
  • Because of the narrower box, I simplified the buttons a bit. I changed the button text to be shorter and eliminated the 'close all' buttons to make each row shorter.
I enjoy this stuff because I have to play around to figure it out and therefore I learn some HTML and CSS along the way. Fun.

If you want EasyComments for your blog, you can grab a zip file of EasyComments 0.2 (that's just like the old version with all the buttons), here. It's made with Movable Type in mind, but it really should work on any web page with a comment form. Your mileage may vary.

I may refine it some in the future, so if there's something you'd like to see it do that it doesn't, let me know. The one thing I'm thinking of is figuring out how to make it more intuitive for folks who don't know HTML, especially the lists. That would require learning a bit more java script so I really understand how this works

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I forgot to check that it works with Typekey.

Yep, seems fine.

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